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Published My Son’s First Book

Had an exciting week with my son Zachary. He was watching me write one evening and said he wanted to write a book. So, we sat down and brainstormed for about fifteen or twenty minutes. He said a word and I said the opposite word. I said a word and he said the opposite.

The subject of the book was born. We came up with several “opposites” for the book and we began to form the book.

It essentially took one day to figure out which words we were going to use, all of the pictures we were going to use. I did all of the formatting and photo editing. I put the sight word on the page with a picture and Zachary came up with a sentence for the page.

After all of the pages were written, I worked my magic and went through the publishing process, which isn’t really that difficult. Well, until Amazon rejects it because of “bleed” issues.

Since it was taking too long to get the paper back copy, I decided to publish it with Kindle.

Zachary is only six years old and published his first book. We are very proud of him. He’s already thinking about several other books.

Check out Zachary’s ‘Little Book of Opposites’, the first book in his Read and Learn Sight Words Series. The paper back will be available soon. Get a copy on Kindle today.

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