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My Published Books

Thank you for visiting my published books section. This is the library containing all of my published titles available for purchase from various book outlets. If you have any questions about any of my titles, be sure to contact me and ask.

I’ve been writing since I could hold a pencil, starting out with stick figure books, moving into fiction novels, and settled into non-fiction guides and self-help books. I write and publish all of my own work, occasionally creating my own book covers. I rarely outsource my writing, but when I do, I professionally edit the entire work to add my unique writing style.

Below is a list of all my books. Find one that catches your eye and click it. You will be directed to the book listing where you can read the description and make the purchase if you choose to.

Don’t let a critically low credit score hold you down in life!

Reclaim Your Credit Score and take back your financial life starting today. You don’t need an “expert” to boost your score; all you need is a little knowledge, a guide, a plan, some motivation, and discipline and you can turn your poor or fair rating into a good or very good score.

Your score may as well be displayed on your forehead as much as it is actually used. It’s funny how much you care about this dreaded number when you are struggling with debt and money problems. You shouldn’t have to struggle or worry about money at all. Life’s too short for that!

What are you passionate about? Are you actively pursuing it and making money at it?

It’s easy to find a job that pays the bills, one that keeps food on the table, and even allows you to buy everything you’ve ever wanted. But can you say you are truly happy with how everything is going in your life? Sure, the job pays the bills, but is it something that you were absolutely meant to do for the rest of your life?

You need a purpose in life. You need passion to drive you to that purpose. Find your true purpose in life and your passions will lead you there.

Create the Perfect Manuscript to Submit to a Publisher

Don’t let your newly completed book sit in your computer or on the shelf collecting dust. Get it ready to submit to a publisher.

How to Format a Manuscript is a simple guide to follow to get your book into a standard manuscript format. When you find a publisher, simply make a few changes to match their criteria and you are ready to submit.

Build a Budget to Break Free from the Grind

If you find yourself stuck in the grind with no end in sight, a simple budget and some great knowledge can go a very long way.

Learn how to get organized and take inventory on every aspect of your financial life that matters. Get a grasp of all the budget categories and how they fit into the things you do every day, realize where all of your money is going, and easily identify any problems (major or minor) that may be throwing your personal financial situation out of whack.

Get your copy of Break Free from the Grid today to build a solid future for tomorrow.

Increase Book Sales and Build a Local Fan Base

A book signing party is one of the best direct marketing methods for an author to make money with printed books. It has many advantages over traditional book signings and gives the self-published author a serious advantage in the book selling market.

Book Signing Party: A Writer’s Marketing System for Book Selling Success is a simple guide to help you organize and plan a successful book signing event from start to finish in the comfort of your own home. With a little bit of guidance, you will have all of the knowledge you need to throw together a successful book signing party.

Turn Your Area of Interest into Income

Any niche can be tapped for its true income potential. Niche Income Formula is designed to take your passions, show you how to apply specialized knowledge, and take action to unleash the income from within in order to do what you love, love what you do, and make money while you do it.

From this book you will learn what niche you should be pursuing, what the advantages of running your own niche business, the secret formula for making niche income, how to leverage your money to make more money, how to provide a solution for your niche, the many ways to monetize a niche, and how to set your marketing in perpetual motion so it will never stop once it’s started.

Get Niche Income Formula today!

Ditch Your Job

Want to ditch your job? Let’s face it, money is a vital necessity in life. How you make money and how much you are making determine your path in life.

Discover how to make passive income to become financially free so you no longer have to work for money. By having multiple passive income streams coming in, you will have more time to do the things that really matter in your life instead of giving all of your time to your boss.

Ditch the job and let passive income do the work for you.

As more of my new books are published, they will be added to this page. Keep checking back.

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