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Finished My Third Fiction Novel

After twenty-six years, I’ve finally finished typing the first draft of my third fiction story, ‘Caught Within Time’ to my computer. Now on to editing and other final steps before publishing.

I started writing this science fiction novelette in 1993. The original first draft was typed out (didn’t have a computer back then) and never copied over to electronic format so it just sat collecting dust.

I forgot how the story went. It was exciting typing the whole thing the last couple of days, especially seeing how creative my mind was back then.

Writing so many non-fiction books since then, it was quite refreshing to escape into the land of fiction again. Can’t wait to get this one released.

I will be leaving updates on this book as I make progress toward publishing.

Ditch Your Job

Want to ditch your job? It’s not as difficult as you think!

Let’s face it, money is a vital necessity in life. How you make money and how much you are making determine your path in life.

Don’t settle for a mediocre and stressful life when there is so much more out there that can give you everything you’ve ever wanted – especially the time you are losing while working for someone else’s dreams.

Discover how to make passive income to become financially free so you no longer have to work for money. By having multiple passive income streams coming in, you will have more time to do the things that really matter in your life instead of giving all of your time to your boss.

Ditch the job and let passive income do the work for you.

Published My Son’s First Book

Had an exciting week with my son Zachary. He was watching me write one evening and said he wanted to write a book. So, we sat down and brainstormed for about fifteen or twenty minutes. He said a word and I said the opposite word. I said a word and he said the opposite.

The subject of the book was born. We came up with several “opposites” for the book and we began to form the book.

It essentially took one day to figure out which words we were going to use, all of the pictures we were going to use. I did all of the formatting and photo editing. I put the sight word on the page with a picture and Zachary came up with a sentence for the page.

After all of the pages were written, I worked my magic and went through the publishing process, which isn’t really that difficult. Well, until Amazon rejects it because of “bleed” issues.

Since it was taking too long to get the paper back copy, I decided to publish it with Kindle.

Zachary is only six years old and published his first book. We are very proud of him. He’s already thinking about several other books.

Check out Zachary’s ‘Little Book of Opposites’, the first book in his Read and Learn Sight Words Series. The paper back will be available soon. Get a copy on Kindle today.

Getting My Writing and Publishing Up and Running

Hey everyone. This is my first entry. I’m very excited to share with you about what I’m doing and why.

Back in September, I was on a trip for work when I saw an advertisement on Facebook. Robert Kiyosaki was endorsing a method of publishing short books on Amazon to make money.

Pretty much my entire life, I was concentrating on novels and longer books for my self-publishing ventures and leaving the short informational books to my websites. Well, I slowed way down on publishing content to my websites and have even closed a couple websites. But I still have all of that content. So, after thinking about it for a few, I decided the idea of publishing short books with Kindle Direct Publishing was right up my alley.

So, throughout September and October, with all of the excitement, I wrote and published 8 books on Amazon. Then I clicked the Advertisement to learn how. I know, a little backwards, but I’m glad I did.

Now I’m changing all of those books, making them better so they will actually sell.

The three books on my Published Books page are the first three I republished. I will be republishing the rest this month, then working on more new books.

Ready to Write!

I love to write books that help people in various topics. Over the years I’ve published many books, but have been missing a few things along the way. I’m getting ready to start tweaking some of my books. I’ve learned a lot about book sales in the last month and am ready to apply what I learned to all of my books. Get ready for some exciting information.

Follow along with my tweaks and how I’m getting all of my books in front of readers around the world.

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