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Month: December 2019

Finished My Third Fiction Novel

After twenty-six years, I’ve finally finished typing the first draft of my third fiction story, ‘Caught Within Time’ to my computer. Now on to editing and other final steps before publishing.

I started writing this science fiction novelette in 1993. The original first draft was typed out (didn’t have a computer back then) and never copied over to electronic format so it just sat collecting dust.

I forgot how the story went. It was exciting typing the whole thing the last couple of days, especially seeing how creative my mind was back then.

Writing so many non-fiction books since then, it was quite refreshing to escape into the land of fiction again. Can’t wait to get this one released.

I will be leaving updates on this book as I make progress toward publishing.

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Ditch Your Job

Want to ditch your job? It’s not as difficult as you think!

Let’s face it, money is a vital necessity in life. How you make money and how much you are making determine your path in life.

Don’t settle for a mediocre and stressful life when there is so much more out there that can give you everything you’ve ever wanted – especially the time you are losing while working for someone else’s dreams.

Discover how to make passive income to become financially free so you no longer have to work for money. By having multiple passive income streams coming in, you will have more time to do the things that really matter in your life instead of giving all of your time to your boss.

Ditch the job and let passive income do the work for you.

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