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Author Jason Moser

Welcome to the home of Jason Moser’s literary works. Here you will find all of his published titles, get news on what he’s up to, and follow along with his blog posts.

Jason is a seasoned writer, specializing in writing and self-publishing fiction novels, niche-oriented non-fiction books, as well as content and articles based on various niche related topics that he is passionate about. Along with his writing, he creates and manages niche websites, develops creative funnel marketing systems for niche businesses, and is an entrepreneur through and through.

Jason Moser announces his goal of publishing 24 books in 2020.

Over the last 14 years, he wrote several hundred pages of content for several websites. His first niche website, Write and Publish Fiction was his first attempt at writing website content, proving great success by helping hundreds of writers take the next step with their writing by offering help in the form of content. He also created several other niche related websites, each having a varied degree of success.

After running the sites for over 12 years, he decided to let most of them go, closing up shop due to dedicating much of his time to his wife and two sons. Though he has slowed way down on website management, he found new inspiration that lead him back to writing.

Follow Jason Moser’s writing and publishing journey by visiting his blog page.

You can also see all of Jason’s published books on his Portfolio Page.

Read Jason’s Autobiography to learn where he came from and why writing is such a huge part of his life.

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